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BCTRIMS 2019 Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary Celebration

Welcome to the BCTRIMS 2019 (retirado de

Dear Colleagues 

We are pleased to invite you to BCTRIMS 2019 Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary Celebration which will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, from 21-24 of August of 2019.

Since its foundation by a group of Brazilian investigators, the Brazilian Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (BCTRIMS) has been a member-driven Committee dedicated to foster education and research in the field of demyelinating diseases of the CNS. We invite you to join us in the celebration of 20 years of achievement for all MS healthcare professionals and researchers.

In the past two decades the world of multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders has deeply changed.  During this time, BCTRIMS educational and research activities have not only reflected the light shed on the understanding of the epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestation and the treatment of these diseases, but also expressed a new approach towards scientific learning and investigation. It is now well recognized that science belongs to humanity and does not tolerate frontiers, and that language should no longer be a barrier separating people and nations.  As a result, the value of international cooperation and team work has risen to prominence.

The BCTRIMS Annual Meeting is the largest conference on MS and other demyelinating diseases of the CNS in Latin America with typically over 600 delegates in attendance. Each year, the conference gets together an increasing number of international speakers from around the world who join Brazilian and Latin American researchers to discuss the evolution of concepts, the emerging promising new therapies and the expansion of multidisciplinary care.

Next year’s educational agenda for the BCTRIMS 20th Anniversary Celebration is being uniquely designed to provide clinicians and researchers with the latest information on the science of MS and NMOSD and the tools to enhance their care from a variety of different perspectives and approaches. BCTRIMS is proud to announce that in 2019, for the first time, its Annual Meeting will be held alongside a Conference of the Latin American Club of Neuro-Ophthalmology.

Please mark your calendars for August 21-24, 2019 and join your Brazilian and international colleagues at BCTRIMS 2019 Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary Celebration. We look forward to extending you a warm welcome in Sao Paulo.

Marco A. Lana-Peixoto
BCTRIMS 20th Annual Meeting

Jefferson Becker
BCTRIMS Executive President



21 de agosto de 2019



24 de agosto de 2019


The World Trade Center São Paulo

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